Thursday, 13 October 2011

What is a good length for a short story?

We have been thinking about this at Street Stories.

Something under 1000 words is certainly not it and it brings us to a word that makes us comfortable - Flash Fiction. We do enjoy short fiction. Sometimes, a writer's voice is more palatable in a short piece than a  longer one. But the truth is, to do complete justice to a story, to develop characters and to take one inside the heads of our protagonists, a writer shouldn't be really constrained by length.

The way we envisage Street Stories is that it will give the person on the street one great story to read. One story that he or she can pick up from a place that they frequent. A great story without having to pay for it. Writing a short story can be greatly challenging for a writer. The idea, story arc, what literary tool to use, what to say, what not to say, where to leave off the reader, writes, edits, rewrites, etc. And to finally have a story that you are proud of, is an accomplishment in itself. However, we also believe that just as stories deserve to be written, they also deserve to be read. We hope that through Street Stories we make these stories accessible to anyone who cares for a good story.

We are ambitious. And we do want to make this bigger and constantly improve it. But for starters, we will begin with a shorter length story, something around a thousand words. As we grow, we hope that we will give our writers the opportunity to write longer stories.