Sunday, 1 January 2012

Street Stories Issue One

The submissions period for our first issue is now closed. Thank you writers who sent in their work. You will begin to hear from us by the end of this month.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Updated Submission Guidelines

Please check here.

Please do not send more than one submission per deadline. If you send more than one submission, we will only read the first submission we received from you.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

What is a good length for a short story?

We have been thinking about this at Street Stories.

Something under 1000 words is certainly not it and it brings us to a word that makes us comfortable - Flash Fiction. We do enjoy short fiction. Sometimes, a writer's voice is more palatable in a short piece than a  longer one. But the truth is, to do complete justice to a story, to develop characters and to take one inside the heads of our protagonists, a writer shouldn't be really constrained by length.

The way we envisage Street Stories is that it will give the person on the street one great story to read. One story that he or she can pick up from a place that they frequent. A great story without having to pay for it. Writing a short story can be greatly challenging for a writer. The idea, story arc, what literary tool to use, what to say, what not to say, where to leave off the reader, writes, edits, rewrites, etc. And to finally have a story that you are proud of, is an accomplishment in itself. However, we also believe that just as stories deserve to be written, they also deserve to be read. We hope that through Street Stories we make these stories accessible to anyone who cares for a good story.

We are ambitious. And we do want to make this bigger and constantly improve it. But for starters, we will begin with a shorter length story, something around a thousand words. As we grow, we hope that we will give our writers the opportunity to write longer stories.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Submission Guidelines

Guidelines available here.

Please submit your story via the following methods:

1. Our online submission manager here
2. As an email attachment to this address

Please use only one of the above submission methods and not both.

Street Stories will publish stories under 1000 words. While we do not have a minimum length requirement, it is unlikely that we will publish a story under 600 words. Having said this, we will publish a great story of a slightly shorter/ longer length too. But within reasonable limits. The deadline for our first story is 31st December 2011.

We want to publish the best fiction that is available out there and are open to all genres. Surprise us.

All submissions have to be in English and we cannot accept translated works. Please submit only one story.

Once you make a submission, we cannot accept an updated version of it. If you send an updated version, the same will be deleted.

We will acquire one-time rights of all works that we publish. After publication, the rights revert to the author. Should your work be accepted elsewhere we would like an acknowledgment that your work appeared in Street Stories first.

We are open to simultaneous submissions but would like to be immediately informed should you wish to withdraw your submission. Please let us know via email and also withdraw your story using the online submission manager. If yours is a simultaneous submission please let us know so in your covering letter.

Please keep your covering letters brief. Include your complete contact details. Please don't include a story synopsis.

We are open to any submission of which you are the sole author and hold all rights to use it. Work that has been previously published online is accepted. Works that have appeared in your blog, college magazine, online forums are accepted too. Stories that have won a contest in the past are not eligible. If you are sending us an extract from your novel please ensure that it reads as a stand-alone piece. Please do not send us any work that has appeared in a print journal or anthology.

Please ensure that your work is proofread. Do insert page numbers and make sure that your name and story title appear on all pages.

Do avoid fancy fonts or new file formats. File formats that are accepted include: doc, txt, pdf and docx. If your story needs to be formatted in a certain way please let us know.

Our response time will be around twelve weeks, though it is likely to be much quicker. Please don't query before that. Should you not hear back from us in twelve weeks please send a mail to the following address:

Once a story is accepted, we will work with the author and a visual artist to ensure that the story is presented in the best possible way. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page and will place the printed story across bookstores, coffee-shops, bars, cinemas, shopping malls and other spots in the city.

While we are not in a position to pay for your work, we understand the importance of your art and will offer a token sum of Rs 1000 (USD 20) upon publication. We will also pay you in ten complimentary copies of your published story.

While our stories itself will be published in India, we welcome writers from across the world.

We are reading now!

Our reading period is now open and will remain so until 31st December 2011.

You may send one piece of original fiction using one of the following methods:

1. Our Online Submission Manager here

2. Or by emailing us at this address

Please read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting your work to us.